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Special/Holiday/Closure Dates
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03-28-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Holiday
03-29-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Holiday
03-16-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Break
03-17-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Break
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Donations of Art: The Fine Print

Among the considerations for the Art Museum of WVU’s collection, works of art should

  • be original works of museum quality and in keeping with the mission, purposes and programs of the museum.
  • have a demonstrated authenticity, established provenance, and a clear proof of title.
  • not unnecessarily duplicate holdings already in the collection.
  • have proven legal and ethical integrity.
  • be in good condition and appropriate to the museum’s storage and management capabilities.

The museum reserves the right to refuse gifts that it cannot properly store and care for or that do not serve its educational mission or fit within its collecting priorities and programmatic scope. Donors must have clear and legal title to all objects offered to the museum and be able to pass that title to the museum.

Gifts to the Art Museum may be tax-deductible. Potential donors should consult their tax advisors for further information. Appraisals may be required to determine the tax-deductible value of contributions, and donors are responsible for arranging and paying for said appraisal under IRS Federal Tax Laws. The Art Museum cannot appraise, evaluate, or place a value on gifts for tax purposes due to regulations and policies issued by the Internal Revenue Service. To begin the appraisal process, contact one of the following organizations:

The Art Museum and the WVU Foundation request a copy of the appraisal for internal insurance purposes. The acceptance of an object does not imply an endorsement of the appraisal by the Art Museum or the WVU Foundation.

If you would like a donation of art to be credited within a specific calendar year, federal tax law requires that the following three conditions be met.

  1. A written offer from the donor
  2. A written acceptance by the Art Museum
  3. The physical transfer of the object to the museum or the museum’s third-party representative before December 31 of the desired calendar year

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