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Sunday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Monday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Tuesday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Wednesday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Thursday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Friday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Saturday Closed Closed for Summer Break
Special/Holiday/Closure Dates
Date (MM-DD-YYYY) Open Time Close Time Special Message
03-28-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Holiday
03-29-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Holiday
03-16-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Break
03-17-2024 Closed Closed for Spring Break
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Collection Highlight: Paintings

The paintings in the Art Museum’s collection encompass every genre of the medium — landscapes, portraits, history, still lives, abstraction — and represent major artistic movements in the United States and abroad from the nineteenth century to today. The painting collection can take you to the American landscapes of Albert Bierstadt, the sophisticated abstractions of Romare Bearden. It can also take you to the dynamic experiments of Jean Metzinger and the intricate compositions of Maude Kerns who encapsulated the history of painting and writing its next chapter.

An abstract painting using browns and muted tones
A painting of a sunrise or sunset over a lake
A white stroke of paint amongst a yellow background
A painting of a woman in black attire holding flowers
An abstract painting using green, blue, and orange shapes
A colorful abstract painting with shapes
A painting of the corner of a room
An abstract painting of red, orange, and yellow dots with blue and green cubes
An abstract painting with spheres and gold, red, and green gradients
A painting of a large man overlooking a tiny neighborhood
Colorful abstract painting using shapes
A painting with black, yellow, and red paint splatters
An abstract painting of red, purple, white, and cream colored circular shapes
A painting of a snowy building surrounded by green abstract shapes
A painting of red, yellow, and white flowers with green leaves
A painting of a man working in a shop
Painting of a man and a dog by David Strother
Abstract painting using reds, blues grey and yellow splotches
The Art Museum of WVU owns the objects in its collection but it does not own copyright to those objects; copyright may be held by an artist, estate, gallery, or agency. Images of works of art on this website are provided for personal, non-commercial, and educational fair use only, as consistent with United States copyright laws. Users are responsible for obtaining any copyright permissions directly from the copyright holder that may be required for their own further commercial or editorial uses. For more information, please contact Karen Louvar, Registrar, at

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