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gallery with colored walls and framed art

Collective Insight: The Harvey and Jennifer Peyton Collection

March 20, 2019 - Jan 19, 2020

Harvey and Jennifer Peyton have assembled one of the premier collections of art in West Virginia. It is significant for being both regional and national in scope, and for representing a diversity of American artists—including a number who were committed to advancing social justice through their artistic pursuits. 

landscape painting with mountains

The exhibition celebrates the expertise and foresight of these collectors with a selection of more than 60 paintings, prints, and drawings that represent some of the most important artistic movements of the twentieth century—including American modernism, social realism, and mid-century abstraction. 

The Art Museum is fortunate to have received several gifts from the Peyton Collection over the past two decades. Now part of the permanent collection, these objects will be preserved, studied and exhibited for the long-term benefit of the University community and the many visitors from Morgantown and beyond. 

The Art Museum of West Virginia University is deeply grateful to Harvey and Jennifer Peyton for their years of generosity and continued commitment to this institution. 

This exhibition is made possible in part through generous support of the Friends of the Art Museum, William and Linda Hagerty, and the Joyce Ice Fund for Acquisitions and Exhibitions. 

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