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Blue and white Ceramic vaseFlowing Beyond Heaven and Earth: Chinese Master Ceramists

The Art Museum of West Virginia University unveiled two new exhibitions in their galleries during an opening reception on March 2.

“Flowing Beyond Heaven and Earth” examines the dynamic interplay between millennia of tradition and recent years of rapid innovation. Chinese artist and curator Xiaoping Luo writes, “In Chinese contemporary ceramics, twined streams of heritage and innovation flow together to form a mighty river.”

This exhibition is supported by the China Ceramics Industrial Association and the Helme Prinzen Endowment. “Flowing Beyond Heaven and Earth” is organized by the Curator of Ceramics, Garth Johnson and the Arizona State University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center in Tempe, Arizona.

“Form and Balance:  Ceramics from the Collection” is curated by Robert Bridges, the museum’s curator, and Surisday Reyes, curator of Museo Nacional De La Cerámica in Cuba. The exhibition focuses on some of the highlights from the museum’s diverse collection and features stylistically distinctive, functional work as well as contemporary non-functional approaches.

Support for “Form and Balance: Ceramics from the Collection” is generously provided by William and Linda Hagerty and the Friends of the Art Museum. 

Impulse: A Trip Inside Impulse: A Trip Inside

McGee Gallery 

Human beings have an innate need to create. Artists express their creative impulses through a variety of forms and media. Whether it is a Yoruba carver from Nigeria fashioning a wooden figure as a memorial to twins who have died, or Thad Mosley, a contemporary sculptor from Pittsburgh using those same carving techniques to create abstract modernist forms, both seek to visually communicate their thoughts and feelings with the world. 

The current exhibition draws from the range of the museum’s international collection to explore the hand-wrought creations of artists near and far, past and present, as the they respond to a creative instinct that compels them to convey their personal ideas, political agendas, and cultural meanings through art.

Support for this exhibition is generously provided by the Friends of the Art Museum.