The Art Museum of West Virginia University is happy to welcome school groups to the art museum and to customize tours to meet teachers’ educational aims. School group tours are completely free. However, schools must arrange and secure funding for their own transportation.

Before requesting a tour please be aware of the following:

  • Tours must be requested at least two weeks in advance. Tour dates are not guaranteed until confirmed by a member of museum staff.
  • The museum can accommodate 50 students or two classes at a time. If teachers wish to bring more than 50 students, they will have to come either at separate times during the same day or on different days.
  • All school groups must be scheduled prior to visiting. Even if the teacher desires to lead the class in a tour, he or she must contact us with a tour request in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with other groups and overcrowding in the galleries.

To make a request, please fill out the form at this link: K-12 Tour Request Form. A member of museum staff will contact you shortly to confirm the details of your visit.

Once your visit has been confirmed, please review the Museum Etiquette information with your students.

On your tour day please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tour to allow time for buses to unload students. Buses should park in Lot 70 (see Parking Map). From there, students can proceed on the sidewalk down the hill to the museum’s East entrance. There is space for the bus to turn around in the lined area of Lot 70.

If you have questions, please contact Heather Harris, Educational Programs Manager at