14 Aug

A Tour of the New Museum

Octavia | August 14, 2014

Yesterday morning several members of the CCA and Museum Staff got to get a sneak peek of what the interior of the new Art Museum of WVU looks like.
Lobby Entrance
We first walked in to a well lit lobby area.
You can walk through the lobby onto a small patio flanked by decorative stone pillars. These windows were placed there to add architectural interest to the large square building since no natural light will flow into the gallery in order to protect the artwork from unwanted UV rays.
Here’s a nice view of the stairwell in progress.
A view of a classroom on the first floor.
It takes a lot of equipment to temper the environment to ensure no artwork is harmed by poor climate control.
Here’s a look at the new first floor gallery. The floors will be bamboo hardwood and the walls will stay white.
High Doorways
There are some nice details unique to this building like large tall doorways to allow large pieces of artwork to be easily moved around the building.
Construction on the building is going well so far!