Mission Statement

The Art Museum of West Virginia University provides a welcoming and stimulating educational environment for diverse audiences to experience the transformative power of art. Exploring the varied artistic traditions of different cultures, past and present, helps us to understand ourselves, our communities, and our world.


  • The Art Museum of West Virginia University will create and accessible and educational environment to facilitate the appreciation of art.
  • The Art Museum of WVU is committed to helping people, especially students, faculty, families, children and their teachers, to discover and reclaim creativity in their everyday lives.
  • The Art Museum will encourage people to engage in artistic activities and will advocate for the importance of art to the well-being of individuals and communities.
  • The Art Museum will operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
  • The Art Museum will offer a welcoming respite from the pressures of daily living in which to enjoy art with friends and family, strengthening connections with people through learning about art—and will provide this setting free-of-charge.

The Art Museum will expand educational opportunities for WVU students, faculty and staff while serving as a cultural resource for northern West Virginia and the surrounding region. Funding for the project comes from the University as well as private donors through the West Virginia University Foundation.